As a children's Arts Educator, as well as a Horticultural Therapy and Child & Youth Work student, I'm perpetually learning and growing. My Toolkit is comprised of both resources I use to connect with children, and tools for the work we do together. 

Below I have listed some tools I rely on in my daily practice. I encourage you to consider these tools in your own work with children, as they are valuable resources in many contexts.

I have also provided a link to my professional development related Amazon Wishlist. If you're able to cover the cost of an item I'm seeking, you can help me both to expand my knowledge base, and to broaden the range of teaching materials and resources that I can make available to the children I support. 

My Toolkit

("Tried and Tested" Resources)

Swimmy by Leo Leonni

A beautiful storybook, and a convenient jumping-off point for talking about resiliency, problem-solving, teamwork, and community. 

While I personally tend to begin with the book, this animation is also an excellent alternative!

The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi

Working with kids who lack cultural awareness, or perhaps cultural pride? 

The Name Jar is a lovely story, and addresses not only how to tackle introductions when a name sounds unfamiliar, but also addresses what a child can do when one of their friends is nervous about being themselves. 

Amazon Wishlist 

(for Professional Development)

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